Online pawn shop opens in Bali

Bali, Indonesia — A local online pawnshop is opening its first shop in Bintan in an attempt to boost the local economy and attract more tourists to the region.

It is part of a wider effort by Binta Group to promote tourism and local businesses.

“We’re trying to increase the number of tourists visiting the country,” said Dusu Tan, head of Bintacan’s Tourism Development Department.

The company, known as Bintak, opened a shop Monday, and will be selling furniture, clothing and toys.

Bintak was founded in February, and is the first of its kind in Indonesia.

The group plans to expand to other provinces in the region, and to other cities, as well as to Bintamand, Bali’s capital.

While the shop is a small, informal effort, Tan said it is an effort to show the community that Bintans people are open to visiting and to show tourists that they are open.

People are more willing to pay for something, especially if they have something to show off, Tan added.

Many tourists are drawn to Bali because of its cultural attractions, and the Bintas are keen to attract more visitors.

Tawo Kaya, a member of the Bali Tourism Board, said many tourists in Buntas province travel to Banten, the capital of Bali.

In addition to the online shop, Bintag, the group’s first town in Bantan province, opened its first online boutique on Sunday.

It sells clothing, accessories and jewellery.

Some Bintayanas said the online storefronts are a small step toward an increase in tourists visiting Bali and other provinces.

But Tan said the group is also working to develop the tourism industry and to promote local businesses in Binca, a city near Bintawani, a Bali resort town.

Tan said he hopes the online business can help Bintaan boost its tourism and business base.

He also said the company is trying to encourage Bintanas to get involved in local politics.

A few weeks ago, Bincas local lawmaker, Fadumo Kambukono, proposed a proposal to create a Bintanan Tourism Development Board to create Bintanais local business opportunities and provide training for local officials.

Dusu said he expects the new online shop will be the start of a bigger initiative in Bumang, Bantun, where Bintanyan is located.

If the shop opens, Tan hopes the local businesses will start to see a rise in business.

About a dozen Bintaman businesses are working to open online, including the online clothing shop, and Tan said they would work to expand into other provinces if necessary.

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