When you buy online, what you can expect: The big online shopping story

The big story in 2016 was the emergence of online retailers, and the rise of mobile devices and services to help them make their products available for more people to buy online.

But there’s more to the story than just online shopping, experts say.

The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, and many of the big retailers have had to adjust their business models and even their retail strategies to stay afloat.

One thing that has changed, though, is that consumers are increasingly searching for ways to shop online.

That’s led to some major changes in the retail landscape.

The big online retailers are doing well.

The online retail landscape is undergoing a transformation.

What you need to know about it.

The shift is happening in many ways.

The biggest changes have been made in online shopping.

There are now many retailers that offer online shopping services.

But the biggest shift is the emergence in 2016 of more mobile and mobile-friendly retailers, including Apple, Amazon and other major players in the online retail space.

That shift in the marketplace is changing how people shop online, experts told CBS News.

Online shoppers are looking for ways for them to shop.

They’re searching for deals, they’re searching to get discounts, and they’re looking for products that are more affordable, the experts said.

That means more deals.

More discounts.

More products at lower prices.

More deals for consumers.

More products at low prices.

“The retail industry is facing a lot of challenges, and a lot more changes in how people go online and shop are coming online,” said Mark Wilson, senior vice president of technology for the National Retail Federation, in an interview.

But the biggest changes are in the way consumers shop online now.

They’re shopping online now with a mobile device, instead of just a PC or Mac.

That’s changing how we shop.

It’s not only going to be different in terms of the way you shop, but also how you interact with retailers,” he said.

The trend is for people to be shopping online on their phones, instead.

They are also using social media and apps like Facebook to shop more often and at a lower price.

That means they’re also more likely to be spending money on online purchases.

That trend is also impacting the industry’s bottom line.

Consumers are spending more than ever on their mobile phones, but their total spending on products is down by more than half, from $16.9 billion in 2015 to $10.5 billion last year.

Wilson said that trend is changing the way retailers think about how to run their business.

They’ve been looking for a way to make money by offering products at less than the cost of their competitors’ products, he said, which is a big problem for the industry.”

That’s one of the reasons why there is this shift from the PC to the mobile, and to mobile to the PC,” he explained.”

And I think the industry is just going to need to adapt.

“The retail business is changing too.

There is an emerging trend in the sector for smaller retailers to offer more low-cost items and products.

Those smaller retailers are able to offer products at prices that are lower than the big players, which helps the smaller retailers keep their businesses going, Wilson said.

But what is the biggest challenge in the digital era for retailers?

It’s not just that consumers have moved away from their PC and Macs and onto smartphones.

It also is that the online marketplace is getting a lot bigger.

The number of stores that are offering online shopping is growing dramatically.”

The retail industry, the consumer shopping market, is going to go online.””

It’s a huge opportunity for retailers.

The retail industry, the consumer shopping market, is going to go online.”

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