How to get free car rentals online, according to car rental agency CartersOnline

Carters Online, a popular car rental site, is adding new features to help users save money.

The new site will let users pay for their rental car using a credit card instead of using cash.

Users can set up car rental rates using a monthly fee and set a deposit.

They can also choose to pay using a debit card instead.

The site is a bit pricier than Carters on its own, but Carters said that users will be able to set a payment method of their choice.

The company says that users can set a minimum payment amount, and it offers several options for payments including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and American Express card.

The service also offers a discount for car rentals that are paid with a debit or credit card.

Carters says that customers can choose to receive the money in cash or a credit cards balance.

Users also can pay with a credit or debit card on a smartphone or laptop.

The car rental company says users can choose how much they will be charged for the rental and the amount of the deposit.

Users will also be able choose between paying by credit card or debit.

Users who opt for a debit payment option can also receive a 20% discount off the rental.

Carriers says that Carters is adding the feature in the next few weeks.

Carter also has a mobile app, called Carters for mobile devices.

Users must be logged in with a mobile phone number, and they can pay for car rental by paying using a mobile device.

Carts for mobile is only available in the United States, Canada and Germany, and Carters isn’t offering a European or Australian version. is another popular car-rental site, and the new site is adding a similar feature.

Users are now able to pay with their credit or card or by using a prepaid card.

Users may also set a maximum payment amount for their car rental and deposit, Carters announced.

Users have also the option to set up a car rental in a specific area, and users can also set an average monthly payment amount and a deposit amount. users can pay using either cash or debit, Carter announced.

The app also has car rental information, including price tags, and car rental reviews.

Users do not need to be logged into the site to sign up for car leases, and customers can rent a car through Carters without having to go through any car rental companies., another popular rental site for car renters, is also adding the new car rental features. users can now pay by debit or cash, and there is a car payment option.

Users pay by credit or bank card and have access to a credit limit of $10,000.

Users could also opt to pay by card using the same card option, said.

The site is available in Canada and the United Kingdom. and are the only other Carters-affiliated car rental sites that are available in North America.

Users need to have an online account to use Carters, and drivers have to pay an extra fee to use the service.

The two Carters affiliated sites, (owned by Carters) and, are not offering any car- rental service at this time.

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