The Great American Eclipse: How to View the 2018 Eclipse at Home

It was supposed to be an easy day at the office.

Then, as many as 1,000 people crowded into a nearby mall for a viewing of the eclipse, a tradition that has become a regular occurrence over the past several years.

For most Americans, the first thing they notice is a slight chill.

But for some people in northern Wisconsin, the eclipse had an unexpected side effect: the sense of being watched.

“It was quite terrifying,” said Mark Sautter, who was driving from Chicago to Milwaukee to watch the eclipse from his home in a suburb of the city.

He called it a “moment of total, total shock.”

The eclipse will be over the state of Wisconsin at 11:59 p.m.

ET on Aug. 21.

It will be the first total eclipse of the year in the United States, but it won’t be the only one.

It’s a rarity, and the phenomenon is not unusual.

“This is a relatively rare event, but if we had more of them, we could have a lot more than we do,” said Richard Dolan, a professor at the University of Michigan.

And it’s one that’s sure to be repeated in the years to come.

Here’s what you need to know about the eclipse.

The eclipse’s first glimpse on the web In 2015, Sauter decided to make a documentary on the event, which is why he and his family had booked flights from Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit to watch from a distance.

He planned to record the eclipse on a GoPro camera, but after he received a tip that he might be able to capture footage from a car on the road, he decided to use a smartphone.

“I was going to use my iPhone to record a moment that I thought was quite cool,” Sautner said.

“There were a lot of cameras out there at the time, and it wasn’t until I got on the phone with someone who worked at the mall and asked what they could do for me that I found out that there were people who had cameras out on the street that could capture images of the sun as it moves.”

Sautson was surprised to find that he could actually get a glimpse of the totality without a camera.

“When I saw it, it was almost surreal,” he said.

Sautler had been able to watch totality in person before, but his experience was different because he was at a mall and he was in the middle of a parking lot.

The experience of seeing totality is something many people have experienced in other parts of the world, including Mexico and China.

It was a moment of complete awe, he said, one that he described as “a real eye-opening experience.”

The first eclipse since the Great Recession in 2009 had some viewers skeptical about what would happen if the sun got completely blocked.

They wondered if the solar eclipse would be permanent.

But in the weeks leading up to the event in 2016, the total eclipse was actually a popular event in the U.S. Many people took the opportunity to experience the spectacle of totality from a vantage point outside the path of totality, which was usually on the opposite side of the country from the path, Sausageland.

“We’re the first time in the history of the United Sates, we’ve ever had an eclipse that was captured by a consumer product,” said Mike Todaros, an astronomer with the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, Ariz.

“And it was captured in this way where people could really get the full experience.”

For some people, the viewing experience was so much better that they even purchased eclipse glasses that allowed them to get a good look at the eclipse as it unfolded.

Some people even brought their own cameras.

“Some people just brought their iPhone to watch it,” Todas said.

And that’s just a small subset of the viewing options available to the public, he added.

The viewing experience of totality also is something that’s been a tradition for generations in Wisconsin.

As a child, he remembers seeing people take photos and videos of the event from the stands.

“You could actually have a real, real, live-action eclipse,” he recalled.

But the tradition of the total solar eclipse is slowly fading.

“Most people have gone through the motions of seeing the eclipse with a digital camera, and that’s changed over the years,” Sausman said.

The National Weather Service said that by 2020, most people in Wisconsin will no longer be able use their cellphones to capture video of the eclipses.

Instead, the public will have to rely on handheld cameras.

And, of course, that means you won’t see the totality until the sun is fully eclipsed.

The only way to see the eclipse without a phone is to use binoculars, which are generally much larger and are more expensive than a smartphone, and can be difficult to use outdoors.

“With smartphones, you’re only able to see so much of it,” Sauer

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