Dyson sells $2bn worth of appliances online

The world’s biggest manufacturer of high-tech appliances has agreed to sell $2.3bn worth online, and is also launching a range of new online services for consumers.

The Australian arm of Dyson said it would open a range in the US and UK, and said it was also planning to open a new US business.

The online retailer’s Australian sales arm, DysonShop, said the deal would take it into a new space for online shopping.

It will open in the New York City area with about 1,000 employees, the company said. 

The company said it wanted to establish a foothold in the consumer market, which accounts for about 15% of its sales, by offering products that could be bought online and at retailers in a wide range of areas, from homes and offices to supermarkets and boutiques. 

DysonShop also plans to launch a range online for women, including one in the United States and one in Britain.

It has said that with its existing network of online stores in more than 100 countries, it was now the fastest-growing online retailer in the world. 

Its UK arm, online retailers, said that while it was still looking at other opportunities, it had a plan to invest in Australia, the world’s third-largest economy.

It said that in 2016, DyersShop’s UK unit had already signed an agreement with the retailer to sell more than 50,000 Dyson devices, which it said would help drive a “significant” growth in the Australian market.

“We believe our growth will be driven by our strengths as a global online retailer, with strong distribution across Australia, New Zealand and the US,” the group said.

The move comes as the Australian dollar strengthened against the US dollar and US stocks rose on Friday.

Dyson was a long-term investor in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which rose 0.9% to 22,072.12.

Dermot Lawson, chief executive of Dyroneys Australian unit, said he was happy to invest more in Australia.

“Our team of more than 80 Australians have built an extraordinary brand and a successful business over the past four decades,” he said.

“To grow our business, we need to focus on what is right for our shareholders, our workers and our community.”

This deal is another sign that Dyrones focus is on Australia and that we will continue to invest there, wherever we can, to meet the challenges of our time.”‘

We need to do it the right way’Dyson will continue its commitment to invest Australia and support the Australian workforce, Mr Lawson said.

Dyrones Australian unit also plans a number of strategic initiatives in Australia including expanding its online retail business.

Mr Lawson said the group wanted to be an Australian company that was in “all our customers’ best interests”.”

This is not just about a cash cow, it is about an industry that will continue the transformation of Australia’s economy and will help the Australian economy as it expands internationally,” he added.


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