Walgreens’ online shopping strategy moves online shopping into new territory

Canada’s biggest grocery chain is taking a page out of the playbook of Amazon.com and moving online shopping to its website.

Walgreens announced on Wednesday it will open its first Canadian online store in Toronto.

The Walgops store, which will open in May, will be one of only two locations in Canada to offer a full online checkout experience, offering up to 20% off online purchases.

It’s a major step for Walgies Canadian expansion into the U.S. and Canada, where online shopping is still a minority of its business.

But Walgarts website has already attracted more than two million customers in Canada, and it’s the only Canadian online-only grocery store to offer online shopping in a big way.

Walmart Canada said online shopping had “significantly expanded” since the company launched its Canadian online business in the fall of 2015.

The company has more than 200 Canadian stores and plans to open another 40 over the next few years.

Walmarts chief operating officer Dan Hargrove said online shoppers “have come to understand the value of our customer service, and the Walgers experience is the perfect place to demonstrate how we’re changing the way people buy.”

The Walgros website will feature a variety of categories including grocery, health and beauty, and household and everyday goods.

It also includes a shopping cart for people who want to try products on-the-go.

Hargroves said Walgaws goal is to expand into “new markets” and “be able to be an even bigger force for change in Canada.”

It will also work to help its U.K. and Ireland stores become more competitive, Hargress said.

Online shoppers are an important part of Walgroys growth strategy.

Walgrees U.P. revenue grew 22% to $1.2 billion last year, according to its latest quarterly financial results.

That compares with a 10% jump in revenue from its U-K.

online sales last year.

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