Amazon says it will add Apple Pay support to its Alexa platform

Engadgets title Amazon’s Alexa is coming to Amazon Echo article Engadsie article Amazon’s Echo and Alexa voice assistant will soon be able to accept Apple Pay payments via an app, Amazon has said.

The announcement comes days after Amazon unveiled an update to the Alexa voice assistants that enables them to accept payments via a mobile app, enabling Alexa to accept a credit card or debit card as well as a payment card from Amazon Pay, which is the company’s payment option.

PayPal has not responded to requests for comment.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot users will also be able take advantage of the app to make purchases with Amazon’s payment options, including Amazon Prime, which has a “Buy Now” button that allows you to buy items directly from Amazon using PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Amazon said that the Echo Dot’s PayPal and MasterCard payment options will be supported by the Alexa app as well.

The Echo Dot will also support PayPal and Apple Pay.

Amazon will not support PayPal or Apple Pay for any Alexa devices that are compatible with PayPal.

“This is a significant change to the way Alexa interacts with the Apple Pay app,” Amazon said in a blog post.

“It allows Alexa to take payments on the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, allowing Alexa to buy things from Apple Pay, even if Alexa is not currently a payment option on those devices.”

Amazon Echo users will have access to Apple Pay on their Echo devices in 2018, but that functionality is currently restricted to Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Dot 2, Echo Tap and Echo Echo Dot Plus.

In the future, Alexa may be able accept Apple and Google Pay as payment options for the Echo devices, as well, Amazon said.

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