What you need to know about the Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, including how to buy online in your home and on the go

Fox News is giving you a heads up about what to expect this Cyber Monday holiday shopping season.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to take advantage of Cyber Monday’s plethora of shopping options and online shopping opportunities.

How to buy Cyber Monday online from Amazon and Walmart: Amazon and Wal-Mart are offering a Cyber Monday sales opportunity to customers on Monday, October 26.

Check the online catalog and get a 30% discount on items with Cyber Monday in the banner ads or in the catalog in-store.

Walmart is offering Cyber Monday specials for online purchases on Tuesday, October 27, with prices starting at $2.99.

Shop at Walmart online: Walmart is giving away some Cyber Monday deals for shoppers who purchase items on its website.

For instance, Walmart is selling $25 off a set of four iPhone 5S or 6 models, $50 off a pair of sunglasses, and a $200 gift card for one year of Amazon Prime.

Walmart’s Cyber Monday promotions are available online through October 29.

Amazon: The online retailer is offering a 50% off Cyber Monday deal on the $500 Amazon Prime membership and a coupon for $200 off a second year membership on its online store.

Amazon also has some Cyber Tuesday deals available online.

Walmart: Walmart has Cyber Monday offers for its customers, but its Cyber Monday sale is limited to the first 250 orders.

Walmart will give away a free set of Amazon Echo Dot speakers to customers who order a certain number of Echo Dot products from Walmart.com or Walmart.ca.

Amazon is also giving away $5 off an Amazon Echo speaker for every $5 spent at Walmart.

Walmart.CA: Walmart’s $5 discount on an Echo speaker is for one device.

You can also get $5 on any Amazon Echo device, including an Echo Dot.

Target: Target is offering $10 off any order over $100, plus a free Amazon Echo Plus device.

Target also has a $5 Cyber Monday discount on its Target.ca website.

Amazon and Target: If you’re interested in getting a Cyber Tuesday deal, you can use the code “CRYM7” to get a free shipping label or a free online gift certificate.

The $10 discount is for the first item on your order.

Walmart offers a Cyber Day promotion for Amazon Prime members on Monday.

Target is also offering a $10 Cyber Monday gift certificate for every one dollar spent at Target.com.

Amazon Prime and Amazon: Prime members will get free shipping on select items and get access to a special “Prime Day” discount on Prime membership.

You also can get $10 Amazon Prime credit on select Prime purchases.

Walmart and Target will also have Cyber Monday discounts for Prime members for an hour.

Walmart, Target, and Amazon will be offering discounts on select accessories on Monday starting at 6 p.m.


Amazon offers a $20 off Cyber Day coupon for an Amazon.com Prime membership for a week.

Walmart has a Cyber Saturday offer, but not a Cyber Sunday coupon.

Target has a free $5 coupon on any Prime membership purchase.

Walmart Canada: On Monday, December 1, you’ll be able to save $10 when you buy a new pair of boots from Walmart Canada.

You’ll also be able grab a $50 Walmart gift card.

Target Canada is also doing a Cyber Friday promotion, with special offers on footwear, clothing, electronics, and more.

Walmart on Monday: Walmart Canada will be selling $5.99 items at its online stores on Monday from midnight EST to 6 a.m EST.

You may also be eligible for a free one-time online coupon on eligible purchases of up to $50 for one of three eligible Prime memberships, including a free membership for two people or up to two family members.

The Walmart Canada promotion starts Monday, November 29.

Target on Monday and Cyber Monday: Target will be giving away a $1 off Amazon gift card to a Prime member on Tuesday for an entire purchase.

Target will have a $25 coupon on select orders for Prime membership until November 30.

Walmart Cyber Monday Deals: Walmart Cyber Tuesday will offer a $15 coupon on purchases of $50 or more, a $35 coupon on up to 5 purchases, and $35 off a $100 purchase on a Prime membership purchased on or after November 21.

You get $15 off an online order of $200 or more.

Target Cyber Monday and Prime membership offers will be available for Prime and Cyber Tuesday through October 26, 2017.

Walmart Prime on Monday Cyber Monday Day: On Tuesday, November 28, you get a $500 Walmart giftcard on any eligible Prime membership purchases.

You do not get a giftcard if you purchase a $300 or more Prime membership, or an eligible Prime member-only purchase of $100 or more or an online purchase of up of $500 or more from Walmart or Target.

The code is: CRYM27.

Amazon on Monday Prime Day: Amazon will offer $5 free

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