Which of the new e-commerce apps to check out?

We’re all familiar with e-book, tablet and smartphone apps.

But there’s one new online shopping app that’s really making waves: the Penneys online shop.

Now, some of the world’s largest retailers are joining the trend.

New Scientist has more: Online shop of the future?

New Zealand’s Penneys wants to be the online shopping superpower of the 21st century, according to the retailer’s CEO.

Here’s what you need to know.


Penneys Online Shop is Now More Than One Billion Users (ABC News) A new online shop of sorts.

It’s been around for a while, but the Penney website is now the third-most-used shopping app in Australia, according of research from app analytics firm App Annie.

It now accounts for 17% of all Australian online shopping activity, with Penneys offering a wide range of products and services from clothing to cosmetics and more.


Penney’s New Shop Will Offer You a Full Range of Services (Reuters) It’s a very different way of shopping.

Instead of just one product, there are lots of different products that Penneys can sell to you.

And it’s more than just one service, as it’s integrated with the online shop itself.

Peners online shop offers a full range of services including a range of online payment options, and a loyalty scheme.


Penrys Online Shop Will Bring Penneys Back to Retail (ABC Radio) New York’s Penney online shop has a new way of making people happy: people will get a discount on some of their purchases by using their online account.

The Penneys website is also now able to offer free shipping for customers who order more than $200 online, and online orders over $250.


Penys Online Shop Is Getting Some New Features (ABC NEWS) It has a completely redesigned site and interface, including a new homepage and more features.


Penmans Online Shop Launches to New Zealand (ABC World News) The online store has launched to New Japan, and Penmans’ website now offers a variety of discounts.


Penms Online Shop Gets New ‘Mock Your Favorite’ App (ABCNews.com) Penneys is launching a new app called “MockYourFavorite.com” to test out what customers like about the Penmans online shop, reports ABC News.


Penmars Online Shop to Open in Australia (ABCnews.com.au) Penmarts Australia is the latest retailer to launch an online shop in Australia.

This is the first Australian online store to be launched by Penneys, which will be a new partner for Penneys to sell its own products and other merchandise in the country.


Penma Online Shop Adds More Categories, New Tools and New Services (ABC) Penma’s online store is now offering more categories, including nail polish, makeup, nail art, hair, hair care, and more, according the company.


PenMasters Online Shop Picks Up More Business (ABC New Zealand) Penmas Online Shop, the online store launched by the Australian retailer Penneys Australia, is picking up new products from a range the retailer already has in its portfolio, including some of Penneys most popular items, such as its famous pencils.


Penmas New Shop Features a Brand New, New UI (ABC Business) Penmaties New Shop, which is set to open its doors later this month, features a brand new, modern UI, according a spokesperson for the online retailer.


Penmatys New Shop Launched to New York City (ABCNewYork.com, Reuters) The Penmas online shop launched in New York today.

It has more than 70 products and has already made a splash in New Yorkers online shopping experience.


Penmarys New Online Shop Launch Begins in New Zealand today (ABC TV News) Penmaries New York has just launched its first online store, which offers its products in more than 60 categories.

The New York-based retailer will open a second online store later this year.


Penmartys Online Store Adds More Services (CBS News) With a new online store in its pipeline, Penmarty’s New York online store also has some new services, including its own subscription service.


Penmania Online Shop Plans to Open (ABC Entertainment) Penmania is the newest online retailer in the world to launch its online shop as part of a larger expansion.

The company plans to launch a new brand of online stores in the coming months.


Penmens Online Shop Goes to the Next Level (ABC Money) Penmen’s online shop is set for its first ever online store opening in New Mexico.


Penmann Online Shop Moves to New Jersey (ABC Network) Penmann’s online shopping platform has launched in North Jersey.

The Pennsylvania-based company is one of several retailers to join a wave of online shopping platforms.

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