F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S  
Shipping & Customs
1. When will my item(s) be shipped? Items are shipped within 1 business day following receipt of payment.
2. What shipping service does Loved Labels use to ship items? Items are shipped via USPS or UPS. You select the shipping priority and service at checkout; Ground, 2 Day, Overnight, or International Economy. All packages are sent with signature confirmation. 
3. Who is responsible for Customs Fees/Taxes? The buyer is responsible for any customs duties or taxes that are applied by his/her country.
1. How are prices determined? Loved Labels researches recent sales of comparable items and consider the retail value of the item, the condition and rarity, and current fashion trends. Other considerations when pricing are our own record of sales and online sales and auctions.
2. Why are some items priced above retail? Nearly all items on Loved Labels are marked 60% to 80% below their original retail price, some items may be priced higher than the original retail price because the item maybe vintage or rare. We also receive items that are sold out around the world and the scarcity of the item places it in high demand. 
1. Does this company directly pay for items? Loved Labels at this time is not doing any direct buyouts.
2. How long will you hold on to my items? If for some reason your items do not immediately sell we will hold your items for 90 days. It is your responsibility to contact us so that we may return your items. However, we may hold to them and if you agree reduce the price so that they have a better chance of selling.
1. Does Loved Labels offer Layaway? Yes, Loved Labels offers layaway to certain items over $250. Each item available for layaway will have a link to fill out the layaway form. Once the form is submitted we will take the item down for your reserve. After initial payment all payments after will be through pay pal, simply email us every time you would like to make a payment and we will send you an invoice for your desired amount.
2. What is the Terms of Loved Label’s Layaway Program? 25% of the purchase price is required for a down payment to start a layaway. Payment must be made in full within 60 days of the layaway start date. 
3. What is the Payment Schedule & Methods? The full payment must be made in within 60 days from the date of initial payment. If the 60-day period expires without full payment, everything will be refunded except for the 10% cancellation fee. However, the buyer (you) may determine your payment schedule. Payments may be made with credit card or PayPal. Changing items during the duration of a layaway is treated as cancellation. The 10% fee will apply.
4. Can I extend my Layaway? No. We do not allow extensions on layaway items. 
5. Can I return a Layaway item? No. Once the item is paid in full the item is not refundable.
6. What if a Buyer wishes to put a Seller’s item on Layaway? It is at the Seller’s complete discretion to allow their items up for Layaway. Items that are allowed for layaway will be labeled in the item description.
7. I am a Seller one of my items is under Layaway with a buyer how do I get paid? The consignment fee stays the same either 70/30 if under $3000 or 75/25 if over $3000. Once the final payment is made on or before the 60 days by the Buyer the Seller will immediately get paid their portion after the (5) day return period is over. However in the event that the buyer does not complete the layaway agreement the seller will receive half of the 10% restocking fee. 
Loaned Loved Labels Program (Rent)
1. How does the Loved Loaned Program work? Step #1 Choose A Dress: Choose from Loved Labels selection of dresses. Click on your desired date and size. Step #2 Reserve a Dress: the dress will be loaned to you for the option of (3) days. Step #3 Receiving a Dress: The dress will be delivered to you on or before your delivery date (always request dress a day before your event). 4. Returning a Dress: Returning the dress is completely free, with the packing envelope we provided you place the dress inside and take to your nearest ___________, the dress must be shipped by 12pm on your rental return date. Loved Labels dry-cleans each item so please do not dry clean before returning.
2. What happens if the dress I ordered does not fit? We warn our clients to measure their bodies accurately and be sure to choose the correct dress size. But if the dress does not fit it must be returned the next business day and must include a tracking number. If the dress is not returned the next day Loved Labels will not refund any money.
3. How are loaned items shipped? We suggest to clients to always request a dress for the day before you will need the dress. But for some reason you are in a hurry to receive the dress please email us at [email protected] to receive the dress by a certain date. 
4. How long does Loved Labels loan dress? We will loan the dress for three (3) days. 
5. How do I loan my dresses? In addition to Loved Labels selection of dresses we allow for our clients to loan out their own dresses, individuals interested in this service must entrust their dress to Loved Labels for a minimum of three (3) months. We will also email information to you every time your dress is being rented. Your payment for your loaned dress(es) will be sent to you one (1) business day after the renter has recieved the dress. If at the End of the 3rd  month cycle you would like for us to return your dress please request so. However you may renew your 3-month cycle by sending an email to [email protected]
6. What is the payment split if I want to rent out my dress? Loved Labels splits the dress rental payment by 30/70. Every time your dress is rented out you will receive 30% of that rental rate. Loved Labels payment is much higher because we take care of all of the shipping and insurance.
7. What are the average prices for dresses in the Loaned Loved Labels Program? The average dress rental price is $150; some dresses may be rented for as low as $100 up to $200.
Locating An Item
1. How can I get an item located? Simply email [email protected] a picture and description of the item you are searching for. Loved Labels will locate new and consignment items that you desired.
2. How much is it to get an item located? This service is completely free.
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