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  L O A N E D  L O V E D  L A B E L S  P R O G R A M  

The Loaned Loved Labels Program is a service for our clients who Love their Labels but do not love the price tags. How many times have we purchased an expensive dress and wore it once or twice, whether it was for a wedding, gala, or a night out. Loved Labels gives you the opportunity to choose a dress from high-end brands and the dress is loaned to you for your desired date and once you are done simply mail the dress back to us for free. It’s just that simple! The LLL Program also allows our clients who have already purchased that expensive label and no longer wears it. You may loan out your dress for other women to enjoy.

Loaners must entrust Loved Labels with their garment(s) for at least (3) months. If interested in this service you simply send us pictures of your dress and if we determined that they can be rented you must fill out a Rental Agreement Form and then ship your items to us. We will post your items on the webstite and with every time your dress is rented you will recieve 30% of the rental fee. The rental free ranges from $100 - $200 for either (3) three or (5) five days (30% may seem low but if you have highly coveted dresses that are being rented frequently the money adds up quickly). Every time the dress is loaned out you will be notified and paid after one (1) bsiness day of the renter recieving the dress. Make your closet work for you and never spend with guilt again!

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For More information on renting, please refer to our FAQ or read the Rental Agreement

You can also call us at (404)5907835 or email us at [email protected].

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