Consignment Agreement

  1. Fees. Our consignment rates are as follow: you the seller (consignor) receives 70% of the sales price while we receive 30% for the sold items that are $3000 or less, for items $3000 or more the seller will receive 75% and we receive 25%. 


  1. Process. Submit your photos and Loved Labels will determine if items are authentic and whether we are able to sell your items. If we are able to sell your items we will send a price quote. Once the price quote is accepted we will send you a consignment agreement to sign. From there Loved Labels will take all necessary steps to sell your item(s). Items will be sold on Loved Label’s website and social media sites. Once your item is sold you have (3) business days to ship to us we will send a free shipping label. We will then ship to the buyer and after there 7 day return grace period, on the 5th day we will send your cash by either mail you a check or send directly to your PayPal account.


  1. Term. Loved Labels requires that consignors allow for up to (90) days to consign their items, at any time you want to have your items returned, simply email us and we will ship it back to you free of any shipping cost.


  1. Pricing. With much research we price items according to the market price. We will consider the sales price that you have in mind and do our best to accommodate your request however the final price of the item will be at our discretion.


  1. Authenticity. Consignor attests to the authenticity of all agreed upon items, and has not knowingly requested the resale of counterfeit goods. Items deemed to be counterfeits will rejected and will not be returned because federal law prohibits such items to be mailed. 


  1. Shipping. Once your item is sold we will email you a free shipping label to place on your box. 


  1. Payments. Consignors are paid after their items are sold, buyer has received item and the 5-day return period has ended. On the 7th day payments will be sent to seller; payments can be sent through PayPal or mailed a check from Loved Labels. 


  1. Ownership. Upon delivery, Loved Labels will be fully responsible for said items until their delivery at the confirmed addresses. Consignor attests that they have legal title to and are in legal possession of all items and that which Loved Labels is to sell.



Terms of Contract:

I, the consigner, hereby authorize Loved Labels Online Consignment Boutique, LLC (hereafter “Loved Labels:), to sell my designer clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Consigner shall have items cleaned hanging and in saleable condition prior to online consignment and labels with consigner name. Consigner herby warrants that these items are personally owned by consigner and are free and clear of any encumbrances. Additionally, consignor guarantees that these items are authentic and are not replicas or imitations of any kind. Consignor agrees to indemnify Loved Labels from monetary loss or damage to reputation arising from the sale or listing of a replica item. Consignor agrees to retrieve any merchandise not meeting the consignment standards of Loved Labels within a reasonable time from the date of drop off or date the items arrived in the mail. If the consignment transaction is completed online consignor agrees to pay to return shipping of any items not meeting the consignment standards of Loved Labels. The consignment period shall be for ninety (90) days (“the consignment period”). Loved Labels invest an extensive amount of time and effort in preparing each consigned item for sell in our online store. Within that time we research pricing points, add item to inventory, items are professionally photographed, and placed in storage for safe keeping. Due to this investment on the part of Loved Labels the Consigner agrees to commit to leave their items for the full 90-day contract term. 


Consignment commission rates on a 70/30 basis. Consignor agrees that the initial sales price is at the sole discretion of Loved Labels. If Loved Labels decide to make any more additional markdowns the Consignor will be notified. Loved Labels agrees to make every effort to sell consignors items for fair market value at all times. The consignor must contact Loved Labels within the consignment period and must provide us with advance notice for retrieval of consigned items. All monies due to the consignor will be paid by check, pay pal transfer, or in person cash pick up this is for Georgia & Michigan residents only. Loved Labels will contact consignor by email or phone. I, the consignor, hereby give Loved Labels permission to sell my merchandise. I am in complete agreement with the terms listed above.



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