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At Loved Labels we are aware of the dangers of shopping for pre-owned luxury items online. There is nothing worse then realizing that your coveted purchase has turn out to be a replica. That is why it is an absolute must to purchase your items from a trusted company. Loved Labels has expert authenticators who are highly recommended and are experienced in detecting inauthentic items.

Before items are posted to our website and media sites they are determined by our authenticators who specialize in luxury brands. From handbags, to accessories, and even clothing we review the authenticity of every piece. They are all reviewed and inspected to ensure that its details meet with the manufacturers established standards of quality in: stamping, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, serial number, materials and craftsmanship.


We warn each prospective consigner that counterfeit items discovered will not only be rejected, but they will not be returned to the consignor, as federal law prohibits these items to be mailed.


Loved Labels is a safe haven for individuals who love their labels, we know that our clients love labels just as much as we do and we guarantee authenticity of every item we sell. Only 100% authentic items earn their right to be sold on our site.


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