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 C O N S I G N M E N T  


The world of consignment maybe foreign to some, but its actually not a new concept. This process has been around for decades. The word consignment means a quantity of goods that are sent to a person or place to be sold. The act of consigning is giving your item to the care of another. That is why Loved Labels is committed to building your trust. We ensure that our consignment prices are reasonable and comparable to resale prices in the fashion community. Our consignment process is quick and simple. Our projected selling time may take from just a couple of days to maybe a few weeks.

Our consignment rates are as follow: you the seller (consignor) receives 70% of the sales price while we receive 30% for the sold items that are $3000 or less, for items $3000 or more the seller will receive 75% and we receive 25%. As opposed to other consignment stores in this business who charge a fee of 50% and sometimes even more. Loved Labels requires that consignors allow for up to (90) days to consign their items, at any time you want to have your items returned, simply email us and we will ship it back to you free of any shipping cost.

We accept Women, Men, and Children clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes. However the items must be clean, odor free and in at least good condition. Our ratings system is as follows Good, Great, and Excellent. Good is maybe a few starches or marks. Great is very few scratches or marks. Excellent is like new and some of our items have never been worn and may still include tags. 

Loved Labels Selling (Consigning) Instructions:

  1. Submit Your Item(s) For A Price Quote (Must Create An Account)
  2. You will receive an email from Loved Labels confirming the authenticity of your item(s) and give you a price quote within 48 hours (Every update may be seen in your online Account)
  3. Once you have accepted our offer, a consignment agreement will be sent for your signature and we will immediately post your item to our websites and marketing sites
  4. Once the item is sold we will contact you via email and the item must be shipped to Loved Labels within (3) business days. 
  5. Shipping to Loved Labels is absolutely free. Once the item is sold we will email you a free shipping label, you must print the label and place it on your package, then ship to Loved Labels: Beverly A Beal, Loved Labels Consignment Boutique 285 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW Suite 1002 Atlanta, GA 30313
  6. After the item has been shipped, email Loved Labels with the tracking number so that we may update the buyer that their purchase is nearly complete.
  7. Once Loved Labels receives your item we will determine if your item is exact to the pictures you sent, from there we will ship out the item(s) within 24 hours to the buyer. (After receiving the item and if the buyer is not satisfied with their purchase the buyer has exactly (5) days if they wish to return the item in that case we will either ship the item back to you or hold the item and locate another buyer.
  8. In exactly (5) days your money will be sent to you. In your Loved Labels account please determine how you would like to accept your method of payment: PayPal or Mailed Check.

If Your Ready To Sell Your Loved Labels. Click Here.

For More information on consignment, please refer to our FAQ or read the Consignment Agreement

You can also call us at (404)590-7835 or email us at [email protected]

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